About us

Our business started in 2003 by importing high class furniture, of a distinct brand, with a powerful style: Poltrona Frau, soon to be enriched by the Flamant brand – both meant for the design of residential and office spaces.

Today I am convinced that I succeeded to show what the level and potential of Nobilis are, the common denominator being luxury through and through and our joint desire to be unique and high-end!

The concept of high-end furniture appeared on the Romanian furniture market with Nobilis and inspired our customers in selectively designing the interiors of their homes and offices.

Poltrona Frau and Flamant are world trend setters as regards luxury furniture and, thanks to them, Nobilis is able to constantly strengthen its elitist position on the market.

I know that a customer who buys from Nobilis is a refined furniture connoisseur and that their lifestyle is impressive in terms of choices and high standards. I am, therefore, honored that you appreciate Nobilis as shown by every furniture item you fell in love with when visiting our showrooms at 10 Piata Montreal St., the World Trade Center – Plaza Galleries.

Soon we are going to have a new showroom at Promenada Mall (246B Calea Floreasca St., Bucharest), in a wide space and an atmosphere completely consistent with the motto imposed by Nobilis on the furniture market almost 10 years ago: “Luxury furniture for connoisseurs”.

This because Nobilis means passion for luxury through and through.

Ramona Ileana,
General Manager Nobilis