Three brothers, Alex, Geo and Jacques (Flamant) created many years ago a story that was to perpetuate their name, with charm and nobility.

The name of Flamant, looked for and appreciated today in the interior design sector for its unique style, was added to the portfolio of products distributed exclusively by NOBILIS.

Given our belief that a home should be elegent, comfortable and personal, the bourgeois-bohemian furniture specific to the Flamant brand is now showed in Bucharest, as it is in Paris, Hamburg, Bruxelles, etc.

Over 1,000 items and collections that are renewed twice a year are grouped in 7 main categories: Furniture, Bathroom, Accessories and Objects, Textiles, Kitchen, Paints and Wallpapers – a part of them being displayed in the NOBILIS showroom.


World Trade Center
10 Piata Montreal St., 1st district, Bucharest
Promenada Mall
246B Calea Floreasca St., 1st district, Bucharest
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  • We invite you to visit the official Flamant website
    for further information about the current collection.
  • www.flamant.com